Equi-Stem LLC representatives at all major yearling sales

Equi Stem Final LogoEqui-Stem LLC will have representatives at all the major upcoming yearling sales. We look forward to meeting you and answering all your regenerative medicine questions and to providing you with more information on our upcoming products.

For the first time ever, a select number of 2015 yearlings will have their stem cells collected at the sales this coming season.  Equi-Stem LLC will be listing the yearlings a week prior to each sale on our web site and Facebook page.

Also coming soon is a list of proprietary industry-changing stem cell derivative products that will be available to the masses, exclusive products for future owners of yearlings with stem cells stored on our company’s site, products that will treat the most common early career ending injuries, and products that will help maintain your future athlete through training at its peak performance.  Stay tuned to our web site and Facebook page for more details.


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