Equi-Stem in the Media

Future Use: Equi-Stem banking on umbilical cord storage, Hoof Beats, Melissa Keith, December 2015. Equi-Stem’s cost-effective, non-invasive methods of collecting stem cells make it unique.

Banking on Your Horse’s Future: Stem cells on ice could enhance your horse’s athletic potential, Harness Racing Update, Karen Briggs, 3-13-16. Standardbred owner and breeder Mark Wasserman is banking on cryogenically frozen umbilical cord tissue as the future of equine stem cell therapy.

Preserving the Future, Cecil Whig, Cheryl Mattix, April 2016. Winbak Farm embarking on its second year partnership with Equi-Stem.

Farm starts saving stem cells, Standardbred Canada, 4/18/16. Winbak Farm  is doing its part to help its horses recover from potential career-threatening injuries by saving powerful stem cells from nearly its entire 2016 foal crop.