Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I order a collection kit?

A. Contact Tara Long at (313)269-7606 or and we will mail your kits at no charge to you.

Q. If my mare is at another facility, how do I collect my cords?

A. We understand this is quite common. Please contact the manager of your facility and ask them if they are comfortable with collecting the cord for you, and we will send that facility all your collection materials. We can also go over all procedures and easily discuss and answer any questions or concerns they might have on your behalf.

Q. How do I know how many cells are needed for a treatment?

A. That will be determined by your treating veterinarian in conjunction with our microbiologist PhD and Equine DVM on staff. Our equine DVM has over 20 years of experience with equine sports medicine and the use of regenerative cellular therapies.

Q. Who has ownership of the horses cord cells after the collection and storage fee is paid?

A. The horse owner or farm that pays Equi-Stems yearly storage fees has complete and exclusive ownership of the cords until that horse is sold via auction/private sales. Once the horse is sold, ownership of the cords transfer to the new owner at no charge. When it comes time for yearly renewal, it will be up to the new owner to decide whether to pay the yearly storage fee, transfer the cord to a different cryogenic storage facility, or to cease paying for the cords’ storage.

Q. How much will a future stem cell therapy dose cost the horse owner?

A. Therapy doses start at as low as $450 per treatment. This price includes shipping and preparation of cells. Cost will be on a case-by-case basis to be determined by the treating veterinarians.

Q. What type of injuries can I use my horse’s stem cells for?

A. Currently, there are many research studies showing stem cells positively contributing to the healing of tendon, cartilage, ligament, and bone injuries. New treatment methods and uses are researched daily and will be communicated to our customers via our website and Facebook page.

Q. How will future yearlings that have cords stored with Equi-Stem be marketed at sale?

A. Equi-Stem will participate at many of the larger yearling sales throughout North America and will work with the auction company on how to identify horses that have cords stored with Equi-Stem.

Q. How long will it take to receive a therapy dose of cells for treatment?

A. As quickly as 24 hours if needed.

Q. How long will the stem cells be available in storage? Is there an expiration date on the cord?

A. There is no expiration date. Equi-Stem can regenerate stem cells for the lifetime of that horse using the cord samples that are stored.

Q. How much time does a horse owner have once the foal is born to get the cord to Equi-Stem?

A. We have 72 hours to receive the cord at our lab. Proper collection and storage handling is easy, but it is important to follow directions carefully to make sure we receive a viable cord.

Q. How do I find a local veterinarian that can treat my horse with the stem cells if needed?

A. Equi-Stem has a dedicated sports medicine DVM on staff to consult how to treat and help locate a capable equine DVM in your area.

Q. Why should horse owners store the cord when there are other methods of obtaining stem cells from a mature horse?

A. Research has shown cord stem cells are more prolific and more cost effective without any invasive surgery needed to obtain the cells. Cost, effectiveness, current and future uses, and peace of mind are all reasons why you should collect your cords.

Q. Can the owner transfer the cells to another lab and another stem cell company at any time?

A. Yes, however there will be a minimal handling and shipping fee due to Equi-Stem at time of transfer/shipment of the cord.