Treatment and Research

Equi-Stem is dedicated to providing to all our customers the most current and future discoveries of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. 

Wharton’s Jelly Derived Mesenchymal, Stem Cells: Future of Regenerative Medicine? Recent Findings and Clinical Significance, Interest in mesenchymal stemcells has been kindled in 1960s as the result of Friedenstein’s observations who reported
that the bone marrow stroma can generate bone. READ ARTICLE

Equine Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Isolated; Suitable for Variety of Uses, The Horse, Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc, 9/22/07. Stem cells obtained from extraembryonic (birthing) tissues, including the umbilical cord, have the advantage of being obtained non-invasively and early in the life of the horse. READ ARTICLE

Stem Cell Research: Potential Benefits, Blood Horse, Nancy Gantz 3/23/09. Harvesting a horse’s stem cells at birth through the umbilical cord or as a young horse may give it an advantage later if it develops health problems. READ ARTICLE

Horses and Stem Cells, Huffington Post, Barbara Dehn, 5/22/09.  Researchers are now recommending that owners and breeders of thoroughbreds consider banking the umbilical cord stem cells from prize race horses. READ ARTICLE

The Use of two Mesenchymal Stem Cell Doses as a Treatment for a Horse with Superficial Digital

Flexor Tendinopathy, International Journal of Veterinary Medicine: Research & Reports, Miroslav Trunda, Sarka Vosahlikova, Klara Prajzlerova, Marika Stepankova, Josef Bodor and Radek Klubal. 5/16/13. The therapy with ex vivo expanded MSCs allowed the horse to compete at the same level as it had done before the injury. READ ARTICLE

Malones Give Record $42.5 Million Gift to CSU, Blood Horse, 12/29/14. Bridlewood Farm owners and philanthropists John and Leslie Malone have committed a record $42.5 million to Colorado State University to develop regenerative medical therapies for animals and people. READ ARTICLE

CSU research on horse injuries, stem-cell recovery, may help humans. The Denver Press, 1/7/15. Horses that had follow-up stem-cell treatment were twice as likely to return to normal activity as those that did not. READ ARTICLE

Wharton’s Jelly Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Future of Regenerative Medicine? Recent Findings and Clinical Significance, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Ilona Kalaszczynska and Katarzyna Ferdyn, 3-2-15. Collection of WJ-MSC is done at the time of delivery and it is easy and devoid of side effects associated with collection of adult stem cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue. Likewise, their rate of proliferation, immune privileged status, lack of ethical concerns, nontumorigenic properties make them ideal for both autologous and allogeneic use in regenerative medicine applications. READ ARTICLE

Keeping Up: Treating Equine Laminitis with Stem Cells, EquiManagement, Nancy S. Loving DVM, 3/13/17. Horses receiving MSC treatment within 30 days of the acute onset of laminitis had a 100% favorable outcome. READ ARTICLE 

Stem Cell Therapy, Racing: The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal, Andrea Caudill. Stem cell therapy is helping horses with tendon and ligament injuries. READ ARTICLE