Announcing ExCellR8™

Equi-Stem LLC is thrilled to announce it has partnered with Vetcellect to create ExCellR8™, an all-natural, acellular derivative equine topical cream containing Equi-Stem’s exciting proprietary product, Equitome.

ExCellR8™EquineTopical Cream is indicated for the control of inflammation and associated pain caused by over exertion, injury or osteoarthritis in the hock, knee, fetlock and pastern joints as well as tendons and ligaments in horses. Additionally, given the inherent anti-inflammatory and all-natural properties of its acellular derivatives, ExCellR8™ can help promote continued natural equine soundness through regimented daily maintenance applications.

ExCellR8™ is the only product of its kind in the world and the first product in history to topically deliver acellular derivatives to equine athletes.


Harrisburg Sale

Headed to the Harrisburg Sale Nov 7th-12th?
Equi-Stem LLC has 40+ yearlings with stem cells stored at its facility going through the sales ring consigned by Winbak Farm, Blue Chip Farm and more.

Please stop by these consignors or the on-site Equi-Stem booth for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Forest City Sale

Thank you and congratulations to all the yearling buyers who attended last week’s Lexington Select Sale.

The following yearlings have their stem cells stored with Equi-Stem LLC and will be on sale at the Forest City Sale on Sunday, October 23, 2016.

Both consigned by Winbak Farm

Hip # 83      Silver Smooth

Hip # 107    Hayitsme

Equi-Stem’s Tara Long will be on-site at the Forest City Sale to answer any questions. We look forward to seeing you there.

Headed to the Lexington Select Sale? The following yearlings have their stem cells stored with Equi-Stem.

Tuesday, October 4th
Hip# 16 Pericles Blue Chip
Hip# 29 Courtly Choice
Hip# 48 Parlay Blue Chip
Hip# 71 Parca Blue Chip
Hip# 76 The Bay Front

Wednesday, October 5th
Hip# 98 Gypsy Breeze
Hip# 102 Roll Sevens
Hip# 112 Queen Of The Day
Hip# 163 Vic’s Winner
Hip# 222 ImPinkToo
Hip# 227 Petrona Blue Chip
Hip# 233 Purpose Blue Chip

Thursday, October 6th
Hip# 243 Dancin At Midland
Hip# 312 Mach N Cheese
Hip# 337 Dewar N Jack
Hip# 347 Ideal Feeling
Hip# 350 Wes Delight
Hip# 357 Galahad’s Quest
Hip# 374 Sun Match

Friday, October 7th
Hip# 393 Ashlee’s Sport
Hip# 448 Cheese Melt
Hip# 466 March Magic
Hip# 472 Rhythm In Shoes
Hip# 478 Creative Climate
Hip# 495 Flipping Fun
Hip# 503 Tantalizing Trish
Hip# 505 Wage Writer

Equi-Stem’s Tara Long will be on-site to answer any questions, explain about the benefits of storing stem cells with Equi-Stem, and to give information on how to bank your 2017 foals’ umbilical cords.

We look forward to seeing you there.


At the Goshen or Ohio Select Sale? Stop by the Equi-Stem’s Booth

At the Goshen or the Ohio Select Sale? Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by the Equi-Stem Booth and the following consignors, whose below-listed yearlings currently have stem cells stored at Equi-Stem, to learn about the benefits of storing stem cells with Equi-Stem and to get information on how to bank your 2017 foals’ umbilical cords. 

Ohio Select Sale: Friday, September 16th 
LMN Bred Stable (consigner)
Hip # 2 McRitaville
Hip # 144 Flying Penelope


Ohio Select Sale: Saturday, September 17th 

LMN Bred Stable (consigner)
Hip # 237 Ultra Violet
Hip # 244 Rockathon


Goshen Sale: Sunday, September 18th

Winbak Farms (consigner)
Hip # 50 Faithful Fran
Hip # 135 Rolling Sea

Equi-Stem, an equine stem cell bank and stem cell derived product developer, offers the ability to save stem cells found in your horse’s umbilical cord or adipose, for products used in the horse’s maintenance and regenerative repair. Stop by to learn more about what Equi-Stem can do for your horses.

Equi-Stem LLC representatives at all major yearling sales

Equi Stem Final LogoEqui-Stem LLC will have representatives at all the major upcoming yearling sales. We look forward to meeting you and answering all your regenerative medicine questions and to providing you with more information on our upcoming products.

For the first time ever, a select number of 2015 yearlings will have their stem cells collected at the sales this coming season.  Equi-Stem LLC will be listing the yearlings a week prior to each sale on our web site and Facebook page.

Also coming soon is a list of proprietary industry-changing stem cell derivative products that will be available to the masses, exclusive products for future owners of yearlings with stem cells stored on our company’s site, products that will treat the most common early career ending injuries, and products that will help maintain your future athlete through training at its peak performance.  Stay tuned to our web site and Facebook page for more details.